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MTN’s hard-hitting new pricing strategy aims to claw back customers
With the mobile termination rate (MTR) enforced at 20c by the Courts last March, despite ICASA being compelled to review the basis for the proposed glide path to 10c  within three years, the battle for airtime sales has shifted into a full-scale price war.

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Myanmar book launches
The launch of Myanmar translation of Information Lives of the Poor, co-authored by Laurent Elder, Rohan Samarajiva, Alison Gillwald and Hernan Galperin and published by IDRC will be marked by two events.

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42nd Research Conference on Communication, Information and Internet Policy

September 12-14, 2014
George Mason University School of Law, Arlington, VA

TPRC is an annual conference on communication, information, and Internet policy that convenes international and interdisciplinary researchers and policymakers from academia, industry, government, and nonprofit organizations. Its purpose is to present original research relevant to policy making, share information about areas where research is needed, and engage in discussion on current policy issues.

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Fall from grace: protectionism and monopolies push Cameroon down broadband index
Poor policy decisions in Cameroon have impeded the growth of affordable, real broadband services that are taking off in many of the continent’s leading economies. Although the introduction of bundled products by Orange Cameroon has significantly reduced the price for mobile prepaid services, the country lags behind its African peers in the deployment of 3G services due to protectionist policies and weak regulatory environment.

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Mozambique: Better broadband performance with more competition
The entry of the new operator Movitel into the market in 2012 has shaken up the duopoly mobile and fixed monopoly markets that delivered poor services primarily in the major cities at high prices. Assisted by the reduction in the mobile termination rates in 2012, the market has become far more competitive with mCel and Vodacom Mozambique pressured into reducing their mobile prepaid voice tariffs.

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Is broadband data worth the money?
While expansion of mobile networks across the continent continues to be constrained by the failure to assign high demand broadband spectrum, operators are devising ways around this by recycling their spectrum in order to offer high-speed and quality broadband bundles. The range of 4G services now becoming available creates another divide between countries’ ICT sectors, their regulators and their operators.

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Measuring ICT and Gender: An Assessment
The Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development recently released a report, Measuring ICT and Gender: An Assessment.  The report constitutes part of the efforts by the Task Group on Gender (TGG) of the Partnership on Measuring ICT for development to improve the availability of sex-disaggregated data.

As a member of the TGG spearheaded by the ITU and UNCTAD, RIA’s contribution to the report was based on their experience conducting surveys at household, individual and business levels. By disaggregating ICT access and use data into various categories, including gender, RIA provided input on how ICT use is currently measured in terms of gender in the countries surveyed.

The report takes stock of the ICT indicators currently available on gender, identifies the gaps and proposes possible indicators that could enrich the data on ICT and Gender.

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Survey on Mapping Multistakeholder Participation in Internet Governance from an African perspective
Research ICT Africa, in collaboration with NEPAD Agency (e-Africa programme) and supported by a research grant from the Center for Global Communications Studies at the Annenberg School for Communications, UPENN, has entered a new phase of its research on mapping multistakeholder participation in internet governance in Africa. The main goal of the research is to provide evidence for policy action in support of an effective and meaningful involvement of African stakeholders in internet governance processes. The research, which is located in the political economy of Africa, provides a critical review of the main internet governance structures and processes. From this African perspective it intends to identify the participatory gaps in current internet governance processes. One of the ways in which it will do this is by conducting a systematic and comprehensive reconstruction of African participation in internet governance processes and institutions through a continent-wide online survey that is delivered to key national, regional, continental, and international respondents who have been involved in internet governance issues from an African perspective. Specifically, the survey investigates what respondents have tried to achieve in terms of enabling or constraining the development of an open internet and what has been the level and effectiveness of participation of African stakeholders in these debates.

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Comments for Stockholm Internet Forum (SIF14) by Alison Gillwald
Main Session 1 chaired by Stephen Sackur of BBC Hard Talk

Over the last decade Research ICT Africa has been conducting individual, household and informal business surveys on ICT access and use that provide insights into the critical demand side issues that continue to constrain ICT diffusion and adoption in Africa. This enables us to identify the very different ways voice communications, and now the internet, are evolving in Africa and in the global South in comparison to the North. For me, the discussion on privacy needs to be located in this context of constraint – the absence of affordable access, institutions, resources and often human rights – on which discussions of privacy are usually premised.

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Shift from just­‐voice services: African markets gearing for internet
Voice and SMS revenues have been eroded by the increasing use of IP-based services such as instant messaging and voice over IP (VoIP). African operators have reacted to this change in the telecommunications market by providing bundling voice, SMS and data services.

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Internet Governance

Debating Spectrum

Measuring Broadband Performance in Africa

Price Transparency Index
Research Areas Research ICT Africa has identified areas of ICT policy, regulation and indicator research that are under-investigated or where specialised research is needed and which might serve as possible topics for post-graduate research. 
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Research ICT Africa requires a full-time Principal Researcher/Senior Researcher/Researcher to join their research team in Cape Town on contract. The successful applicant will be responsible for the following key functions:

- Research and training under direction of the Executive Director;

- Preparation of presentations, reports and policy papers for dissemination;

- Lead and participate in teams established for the purpose of undertaking research and consulting projects;

- Preparation of proposals and tenders and writing up of research products.

For detailed job descriptions please click here, or contact for more information

Training and Events Revised Dates for CPRsouth 2014: 10 - 12 September 2014 CPRsouth 2014 in Maropeng, South Africa, clashes with IGF 2014 in Istanbul.  Internet governance has assumed increased importance to the CPRsouth community in the aftermath of the controversial WCIT conference in 2012 and the Snowden revelati...
2014 Young Scholars Programme (7-9 September 2014) What works, why and how do we know? CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: YOUNG SCHOLAR AWARDS 2014 Following two highly successful joint Afro-Asian CPR conferences - hosted by CPRafrica in Port Louis, Mauritius in 2012, and CPRsouth in Mysore, India in 2013 -...
CPRsouth 2014 - Call for abstracts/paper proposals What works, why and how do we know? CALL FOR ABSTRACTS/PAPER PROPOSALS Communication Policy Research: south (CPRsouth) intends to build human capacity in the South by reinforcing and developing the knowledge, skills, and commitme...
CPRafrica Papers Eight out of the best ten papers presented during CPRafrica 2010, Cape Town, have been published in info Volume 13 Issue 3
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