Participate in our Broadband Quality of Service Study by Admin on 23 October 2014

Want to find out about the internet speeds and performance on your ADSL connection?

Have you ever wondered what the real speed you’re getting on your ADSL line is?

Do you want to know how your broadband performance changes over time?

Do you want to contribute to a data set about the quality of broadband speeds in the Western Cape Province and in Africa?

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Participate in a Mobile Broadband Performance Study! by Admin on 26 November 2015

Do you have an Android phone?

Help researchers at Research ICT Africa, University of Maryland, College Park, University of Cape Town and Princeton University learn more about mobile broadband performance  and how South African's use mobile data and manage the high cost of data.

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Mobile broadband quality of service study - update by Admin on 19 September 2014

Research ICT Africa is still collecting mobile broadband speed and latency data for a project on measuring broadband performance in South Africa. More details on the project are available at this page.

A smartphone, which was the prize for a competition open to those who participated to this study using My Speed Test App, has been awarded to Ryan from Howick. Congratulations to Ryan and thanks to all the participants of our study.

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ITID Special Issue: CPRsouth by Admin on 24 June 2016

Information Technologies & International Developmentʉ۬Publishes CPRsouth Special Issue.
Information and communication technologies (ICTs) are increasingly pervasive across the globe and are recognized as critical tools for modern economic development. Yet, beyond the recognition of the positive impact of ICTs on economic growth, there is a need to assess how governments and enterprises, particularly in developing countries, can effectively use ICTs to meet broader socioeconomic objectives and particular poverty-reduction strategies.

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Public Wi-Fi/Open access models in developing countries- Access solution or supplementary model? by Admin on 28 November 2016

Global IGF 2016: Is public Wi-Fi an answer to affordable access to the internet now?
Friday 9 December. 1130-1300
Guadalajara, Mexico.
Workshop Organisers: Dr Alison Gillwald and Chenai Chair.

Digital inequality remains the primary barrier to the harnessing of ICTs in the three broad areas of the Sustainable Development Goals - economic development, social inclusion and environmental. In this context this workshop explores free public Wi-Fi models that are emerging as an effective new form of demand aggregation able to leverage the increased availability of Internet enable mobile-devices in developing countries where, even effectively regulated, broadband services are unaffordable for many people

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